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"Pro Sax Repairs You Can Count On" - I am a professional technician with years of experience in repairing saxophones. I've encountered and solved a wide array of instrument issues, which means I am well equipped to handle whatever problem your saxophone might have. From minor adjustments to major overhauls, I have the skills and knowledge to get your saxophone back in prime condition. You can trust in my expertise and feel confident that I will do the job right. I am at 98 Walt Whitman Way, Hamilton Square, NJ 08690

Who Am I?

Your Trusted Expert in Professional Saxophone Repairs at ProSaxRepairs

Nestled in the heart of Hamilton, New Jersey, SaxMan Repairs is your one-stop shop for all things sax. Whether your trusty alto’s keywork’s gone funky or your soprano’s lost its song, I your passionate expert technician breathes new life into instruments of all ages and styles.

From minor tune-ups to full-blown overhauls, I treat every sax like the star of the show. Imagine: velvety-smooth pads whispering under your fingertips, a neck cork that snuggles like a dream, and keys dancing with newfound precision. That’s the ProSaxRepairs magic.

But I am more than just wrench-wielding wizard. I am your sax confidante, ready to listen to your woes and translate them into a repair plan that sings. Need a quick fix before your big gig? I’ve got your back (and your mouthpiece). Dreaming of a meticulous overhaul that unlocks your sax’s full potential? We’ll craft a masterpiece, just for you.

So, ditch the duct tape and the DIY despair. At SaxMan Repairs, your sax dreams take flight. Come on in, let’s make beautiful music together.

How can I help you?

Bent Body

Straightening bent saxes is a delicate and precise process of restoring saxophones to their original shape. Using specialized tools and techniques, skilled technician carefully manipulate the bent areas of the instrument to ensure proper alignment. This involves applying controlled pressure and carefully observing the metal to gradually bring it back to its intended form. Straightening bent saxes requires a deep understanding of the instrument’s structure and a keen eye for detail, as even the slightest adjustment can significantly impact the saxophone’s playability and sound. The goal is to restore the saxophone’s body to its optimal condition, allowing musicians to continue creating beautiful music with their instrument.

Pads Replacement

Pad replacement for saxophones is a crucial maintenance procedure that ensures the instrument produces clear and resonant tones. Saxophone pads are small, round pieces made of soft, durable material that seal the tone holes. Over time, these pads can become worn, torn, or damaged, affecting the instrument’s overall performance. I use specialized tools and techniques to ensure that each pad is seated correctly and responds fluidly when pressed. I pay close attention to key alignment and regulate the spring tension to optimize the saxophone’s playability and responsiveness. Pad replacement is like giving the saxophone a fresh set of voice enhancers, allowing it to sing with clarity and expression. It is a vital maintenance procedure that ensures the saxophone continues to be a versatile and expressive instrument for musicians to create beautiful melodies.

Fix Body Holes

Saxophone body hole repair is a laborious operation that restores damaged or worn-out parts. Body holes on saxophones are essential for creating notes and managing sound. Damaged body holes can cause air leaks and compromise saxophone playability and tone. I inspect the damaged region to address these concerns.

Expert tools and techniques are used to meticulously patch body holes. Filling the damaged area with exact epoxy resin or solder measurements may be necessary. I as a technician smooths and aligns the repaired hole with the instrument’s design. Saxophone body holes are repaired to restore structural integrity and optimal performance. I seal leaks and align the body holes to guarantee the saxophone produces accurate and resonant tones throughout its range. Fixing body holes needs precision and saxophone building knowledge. As a technician, I maintain the instrument’s integrity to keep it reliable and expressive for saxophonists.

Broken Key Blues? I Speak Sax - Urgent Repairs, Expert Results.

I understand that your saxophone is crucial for your performance and practice. That’s why I provide urgent repairs. If you’re preparing for a gig, a concert, or even if you just want to get back to your practice routine, I can offer swift and efficient service to get your saxophone back in working order as soon as possible. My emergency repair service is designed to minimize your downtime and get you back on track.


What Our Customers Say About Me

Caleb F.
Caleb F.
@Caleb F.
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Hands down the best sax repairman I have ever used (and I have had work done by shops up and down the east coast, including nyc). Most recently Mel made my 1951 alto play with the smooth ergonomics of a brand new modern horn while retaining that gorgeous vintage sound. He fixed subtle eccentricities which I did not really expect him to be able to fix, but he did, each and every one. So thankful to have found a sax repairman who delivers on jobs on time on affordable prices. Have been using Mel for years and so far not a single complaint, only consistent craftsmanship.
Larry K.
Larry K.
@Larry K.
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Not only did Mel perform high quality detailed craft work on my Yamaha Tenor YTS 62II, but he was super fast with his response to me. He met my needs to have quick turnover and performed the job same day while I observed his skills in operation. He looked over the horn and made adjustments to a couple of leaks that I wasn't even aware were present. Then, his rate was so low I felt guilty! Finally, he is a friendly and honest gentleman. I recommend him with enthusiasm. Thank you very much!
Heather M.
Heather M.
@Heather M.
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My son's alto sax was having issues and a local repair shop told me it would probably be around $100-$150 to fix. The worst part was that I would have to leave it and wait a week to get back as it was repaired by someone in a far away location. I decided to take a chance on Sax Man who diagnosed the problem the same day, repaired it, changed out pads and did a full check-up for less than half that quote. I had my sax the following day working as good as new. Highly recommend!

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