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After years of saxophone obsession, I established this business. I finally attended a woodwind repair school and started refurbishing saxophones using my craftsmanship and troubleshooting abilities. I was an electronic technician and part-time carpenter. I now devote most of my time to repairing old and modern saxophones. I have done work for both students and professionals. I presently work out of my home, so come visit me for any sax problems.

I repair, adjust, and rebuild Vintage and Modern Alto, Tenor and Soprano saxophones

Established in 2013.

I worked for over 20 years as an electronic tech, and was always interested in saxophones. I eventually learned to play one and really got interested in repairing them. I have attended The Colorado Institute of Musical Instrument Technology, under Dan Parker, a foremost repair tech and performed various repair seminars. I am a meticulous repair tech and I treat every sax as if it was my own. I like to think repairing saxes is my passion, not my job.

My Mission

Introducing a Skilled Saxophone Technician – Call for Appointment!

Are you in need of expert saxophone repair, adjustment, or even a complete rebuild? Look no further! With over 10 years of experience, I specialize in working with both Vintage and Modern Alto, Tenor, and Soprano saxophones, and occasionally Baritone saxes.

To schedule an appointment, please call or text [609-840-3785].

When it comes to saxophone maintenance and restoration, I offer a wide range of services at highly competitive prices. Whether you require minor repairs, complete overhauls, or slight modifications, I can provide the skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail that your instrument deserves.

In addition to repairs and adjustments, I can have corroded, pitted, and scratched nickel plated keys restored to their original, pristine condition. With my expertise, you can enjoy the look and feel of newly refurbished keys that enhance both the appearance and functionality of your saxophone.

Furthermore, I offer Thumb hook modifications, tailoring the instrument to your individual comfort and playing style. Additionally, I can provide heavy mass neck screws, a popular upgrade option that can enhance the instrument’s resonance and tonal characteristics.

Rest assured, my services are not only of the highest quality, but also come with modest prices. I believe in providing exceptional value to my clients, ensuring that you receive professional saxophone care without breaking the bank.

So, whether your saxophone requires a minor adjustment or a complete restoration, I am here to provide the expertise and dedication necessary to bring out the best in your instrument. Give me a call or text today at [609-840-3785] to schedule an appointment and experience the difference of my exceptional saxophone repair services.

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We show you our appreciation by going above and beyond, ensuring a flawless experience. We can be your top choice today!
Hands down the best sax repairman I have ever used (and I have had work done by shops up and down the east coast, including nyc). Most recently Mel made my 1951 alto play with the smooth ergonomics of a brand new modern horn while retaining that gorgeous vintage sound. He fixed subtle eccentricities which I did not really expect him to be able to fix, but he did, each and every one. So thankful to have found a sax repairman who delivers on jobs on time on affordable prices. Have been using Mel for years and so far not a single complaint, only consistent craftsmanship.
Caleb F.
Not only did Mel perform high quality detailed craft work on my Yamaha Tenor YTS 62II, but he was super fast with his response to me. He met my needs to have quick turnover and performed the job same day while I observed his skills in operation. He looked over the horn and made adjustments to a couple of leaks that I wasn't even aware were present. Then, his rate was so low I felt guilty! Finally, he is a friendly and honest gentleman. I recommend him with enthusiasm. Thank you very much!
Larry K.
My son's alto sax was having issues and a local repair shop told me it would probably be around $100-$150 to fix. The worst part was that I would have to leave it and wait a week to get back as it was repaired by someone in a far away location. I decided to take a chance on Sax Man who diagnosed the problem the same day, repaired it, changed out pads and did a full check-up for less than half that quote. I had my sax the following day working as good as new. Highly recommend!
Heather M.
I brought my daughters sax to Ermel on a Saturday hoping that he could fix it ASAP as she needed it for school. He was very nice and patient, diagnosed multiple problems and fixed them on the spot! I would highly recommend his services!
Gabriel L.
Ermel was able to correct a problem that evaded my local music store repairer. Problem turned out to be always key and a leaky neck to sax connection. Price was very reasonable and I highly recommend Saxman repairs for your sax problems and repairs. He also accepts cc's which is a plus!
Jen R.
Sax Man is great....other stores would not even take a look for a couple of days. Ermel (Mel) took the time to take a look at my son's sax that same day. He fixed our initial issue and recommended a couple of other repairs (no pressure sales - he explained what he saw and the recommended fix). Repairs were completed in one day and charges were very reasonable. I highly recommend the Sax Man to anyone who needs quality service!!!!!
John C.

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